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Propulsion Shaft and Bearing Alignment
Fast, accurate, and inexpensive laser and optical alignment can speed up dockage time, reduce vibration, and  increase fuel efficiency and bearing life.
Propulsion shaft bearings can be set to within + 0.001" of a colinear line extending aft from the driving unit's output shaft.  From this line, precalculated bearing offset adjustments can be made to compensate for shaft sag.
An adjustable spindle mirror provides an accurate means of defining the rotating center of a shaft.  When used in conjuction with an alignment collimator, the propulsion shaft bearing support system can be set precisely colinear to the marine gearbox output shaft.
An alignment telescope, along with a series of bore targets, can check for colinearity of the bearing support system from aft of the stern tube to the center of the output shaft of the marine gear box.
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